Victrola one sided 78 record Posted: Jun Sat 17, 2: Feb Mon 06, 7: A vinyl pressing when all the other copies are shellac 2. Colored vinyl or shellac if different from reg issue i. Made out of other materials i. Home-recorded records or period advertisements 7. Odd sizes besides 10″ and 12″ e. Playtime, Little Wonder or inch Pathe’s 8.

Joe Pica: Wikis

Labelography of Home Recording Discs Note: I haven’t kept up with this project over the past few years, but here, at least, is an updated version of the labelography page, with certain links fixed. The principal goal of this project is to assemble an illustrated list of label types found on home recording swiss rolex discs of the mid-twentieth century. A further and perhaps more important goal is to produce a dating guide for home recording discs.

Obviously there is no way to determine the date of an undated home recording with certainty based only on rolex replica the label type.

Issue date from The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide / Barr, ; Instance Label I can’t give you anything but love, baby Title I can’t give you anything but love, baby Statement of responsibility Fields, McHugh. Fiesta in blue / Goodman Creator. McHugh, Jimmy, ;.

A 30 second sample of “Cherish”, which starts with the opening verse of the song, played on synths with keyboards accompanying it. As Madonna sings the verses, the sound of drum machines , percussion and guitars back her voice. Problems playing this file? This is followed by the sound from drum machine , as percussion and guitars accompany her voice.

The drum changes its rhythm and Madonna moves into the chorus , “Cherish the joy, of always having you here by my side”, accompanied by background vocals and a bass guitar. Can’t get away, won’t let you”, followed by Leonard’s The Association inspired line. The drums and the percussion start again and the chorus is sung twice, before fading out. A delightful confection of radio-ready proportions, the song had it all—strong, positive, remarkably dysfunction-free lyrics about love, a memorable, singalong vocal melody, and a tight, pungent rhythm arrangement.

It remains, quite simply, one of the best songs Madonna has ever written; sweet and happy, but by no means corny, it’s a perfectly constructed pop song which Madonna delivered beautifully, and with undeniably sassy charm. Randy Taraborrelli talking about “Cherish” in his book, Madonna: An Intimate Biography [1] Wayne Robins from Newsday believed that the song exemplified the “kind of random pop we’d get if [postmodern author] William Burroughs were the program director of a Top 40 radio station.

Blue Note recordings: guide to audio quality

Bluebird records were issued in both Canada and the U. The various types were not used at the same time in Canada and the U. This article is an attempt to pin down more accurately when they were used. There was another Blue Bird label note spelling which was a Paramount derivative from the period but this is not part of our study. We are concerned only with the Bluebird label derived from the Victor company.

The popular series began in August at serial number

The American 45 and 78 RPM Record Dating Guide, May 21 by William R Daniels. Hardcover. CDN$ (7 used & new offers) The Golden Age of Walt Disney Records Murray’s Collectors’ Price Guide and Discography: Lps/45 Rpm/78 Rpm/Eps Aug .

Joseph was the youngest of four siblings. According to one source, “At the age of nine he presented two successful classical concerts but in his early teens he switched from classical to pop style. Free tickets were given to those who could guess the names of the songs. Twice a week there were guest singers, one of which was Terry Amadio, a close friend of mine. Dom Cerrito was owner of the grill. I made records on 45 disks of Joe Pica for people that requested a song.

People kept coming back. I also made some of Joe with Terry Amadio singing. I lost contact with her when I was drafted into the Army in August and sadly she was engaged to be married soon after I was discharged from the Active Army in July I don’t think she continued singing much longer. What a shame because she was one of the best but I don’t think she believed in herself as much as she should have. Had she not married and we continued our friendship I know I could have helped her to get to the right people that would have brought her to national and possibly international fame.

Joe Pica, the Wizard of the Keys.

Cherish (Madonna song)

This week we turn to the opposite end of the spectrum, with a performance, while no less culturally important, of a far baser nature. Some examples of the Harmony Disc Record label. The label was discontinued after a merger of several labels in that formed the Consolidated Talking Machine Company, making this disc one of the oldest though not the oldest in my collection at probably around years in age.

A Great Northern Manufacturing Company phonograph. The trumpet is probably not original to the machine.

The Great 78 Project! Listen to this collection of 78rpm records and cylinder recordings released in the early 20th century. These recordings were contributed to the Archive by users through the Open Source Audio collection. Also the Internet Archive has digitized s available here.

Hi, Philco also manufactured at least one 33rpm radio-phono in , their 23X: Certainly similarities in the tonearm and player are evident. Most examples of the Concert Grand used a Victor pickup and a Samgomo motor, although some examples are known with the General Electric Induction Disc motor. The vintage models and used Victor pickups on the “inertia” tone arm, and were fitted with General Industries “Green Flyer” motors. The combination used the Victor pickup on a Capehart drop changer.

It appears that early combinations continued to use the green flyer motors. I suspect that the decision by RCA Victor to dispose of a considerable quantity of their induction disc motors at cut prices in the spring of may have a grreat deal to do with the appearance of these motors in Philco combinations in the succeeding years. In that year it was assumed that the industry was duing, and would take only a couple of years to wind up. Industry wide sales of phonograph records in amounted to only about six million units, as apposed to the hundred-fifty million unit sales of

RCA US Labels

In Spalding gave away 2 free baseball 78 RPM Flexi-records with a cardboard backing to promote their line of baseball gloves. The recordings were made available free at a local sporting goods store just to show up to check out the line of Spalding Gloves. The transparent flexi record was glued to the cardboard advertising and the glue spots shows through.

It corrects, amplifies, and adds to information presented in The American Record Label Book by Brian Rust and The Almost Complete 78 RPM Record Dating Guide by Stephen Barr. Though it contains no illustrations, this volume will quickly become the label enthusiast’s checklist.

Email Advertisement Greetings, peasants! Remember how everyone used to have an MP3 player? In the days before the iPhone, MP3 players were a must-have item. Smartphones have eaten into MP3 player sales over the years — why purchase a Come, climb on my fixie. See if you can find anything by Nickelback. Okay, now see if you can find anything by The Pixies. Why do you think that might be? Simple economics, my friend.

People who listen to vinyl tend to be quite discerning with what they listen to. They listen to bands that have artistic integrity, and actually write their own songs and play their own instruments. When you listen to vinyl exclusively, you unconsciously make the decision to never, ever have to be confronted with Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. Record Buying Is an Experience In a tucked-away corner of my hometown is a small, independent record store called Probe Records.

Origins of rock and roll

I have been a collector of mechanical talking machines and vintage recordings since only , although I have loved the music for years. This hobby has given me many hours of joy—I am pleased I can give something back, even if only this humble effort. With The Talking Machine Forum , we have brought together a wonderful group of like-minded individuals, all interested in the free exchange of knowledge and continued research in our chosen hobby.

Paul Edie on the machine side—his phenomenal undertaking in creating and maintaining a database of all Victrolas built and still extant is truly amazing.

A book, “The Complete 78 RPM Record Dating Guide” by Steve Barr: $ Four black wax 2-min. cylinders in original boxes with tops: $ A Decca “Dulcephone” () portable record player in black simulated leather case in excellent cosmetic and playing condition: $

He’s superficially defending Jim’s sexual dalliances, saying no one is perfect, many celebrities did the same thing, etc. But the problem with the dozens of sexual references in Jim Reeves His Untold Story is not the extreme over emphasis on sex Jordan even shockingly refers to the size of Reeves penis! And that is the fact that Jordan did not have to tell every little sexual story, anecdote, or rumor he collected on Reeves.

He could have made his case briefly, by presenting some facts, and then moved on. He did not have to say something about sex on just about every other page in every chapter. It makes one wonder just who was obsessed with sex. There is at least one historical precedent for not telling everything which has been learned or rumored about a public figure.

Throughout his presidency, U. Roosevelt’s polio paralysis was known by every reporter who covered The White House, but they chose not to publicize it. They knew, but those who had the information and could have reported it decided instead to respect FDR, and even protect him, apparently because his condition was unrelated to his job. Jordan might be feeling some heat from various places because of all the sexual smut he included in the book, and so he’s employing the old tactic of using a straw man.

Instead of defending his use of sex and more sex in his book, he’s diverting the attention away from himself and placing it on Jim.

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Introduction Antique phonographs are fun, functional machines! Are you thinking of starting a phonograph collection? Did you just find one at a shop, online, or in your garage, and are trying to make sense of what it is? Have you had one in your home for some time and trying to learn more about it?

I have very old 78rpm records of Enrique they worth anything? – Answered by a verified Antique Expert I have several antique 78 rpm records recorded by the Victor Talking machine Co -recorded on one side. very old records dating back to the s and early of them are one sided and some of them are larger than.

But also engraved in the wax is the following text: Also, according to the label, Columbia apparently won a Grand Prize in St. It is a single sided record, and since Columbia started making double-faced records in , my best guess is that this record dates from the period. Maybe one of you guys or gals can help me narrow this down? An Illustrated History of the Columbia Record Label – , your copy was made between The records usually continued to be issued under the same catalog number but with whatever label design scheme was current.

For example, very early s Caruso recordings on Victor Red Seal remained in the catalog for decades so you can find copies of such recordings with examples of all of the various label design changes that took place during those years. The same is also pretty common on successful records issued in the year or two before Victor changed from the its “scroll” label design to its “circular” label design in You can find examples of many swing era recordings by Benny Goodman and Fats Waller on both the scroll label and the circular label.

If all you are interested in is just a copy in the best possible condition to listen to, it usually doesn’t matter one way or another. But my understanding is that, in most cases, the label design that was current when the record was initially issued is usually considered to be the more collectible.

How to clean a 78 RPM record

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