Anti-Fan Death is Real? It seems to me that in Korea being an antifan of one celebrity is just as popular trend as being a devoted fan of another. Nell Dear Nell, Excellent question. She was targeted with extra intensity because she was rumored to be dating a rather popular member of a boy band. Physical attacks against celebrities by anti-fans are relatively rare, but they do happen — and this should be distinguished from a more common form of violence against celebrities, such as stalking or kidnapping for money. In , Yoon Gye-Sang, a member of a boy band called G. Yoon’s mother drank it instead and had to be hospitalized. Similarly in , U-know of Dongbangshinki received a soda injected with industrial glue and was hospitalized also.

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I know what it’s like to be mixed and raised around zero black people, it’s hell. Plus I think the cultural differences would be too much. I remember seeing that article about Koreans calling their country hell and how the only way to escape it was to leave, be born rich, or die. That’s tew much for me.

Tiffany is dating Nickhun, my fried is suspicious on Yoona dating someone right now, the last time she met them in dressing room (during The Boys promotion), she saw Hyoyeon talked alot in the phone. She believe at least SNSD or F(x) member dated Suju/DBSK member.

Their knee-jerk reaction to the falling ratings will see all 4 couples leaving the show on 3rd May together. It feels more like they are dating and getting to know each other rather than living as a married couple even if its make-believe. But couples that have recently got on the show seems to be more concerned with portraying an image or putting on a show rather than showing what married couples do in real life.

The 2 couples mentioned would get mad at each other at the simplest of things and sometimes even frustrate watching viewers, but yet they give the accurate portrayal of a real-life couple. Some feel that the recent couples on the show seemed to be more concerned about how their image would come out on the show rather than letting their real personalities show out. This ultimately makes it very unrealistic and alienating viewers in the process. But ask yourself one question, my dear PDs, who decided on making Kangin — Lee Yoon Ji a poor college couple from the start?

Existing couples will not be given any farewell misson and just exit the show directly. In summary, they are just pushing all the blame to the couples instead of blaming themselves for changing this and that. They are a real-life couple who have been dating for 3 years and it remains to be seen whether they can keep the show afloat because this is probably the last throw of the dice.

[BREAKING] Taeyeon and Baekhyun reported to be dating

Have fun mwahhhhhh saranghaeeee. LOL I made a new friend on Twitter. Have fun and take care of ur health! The Taiji dolphin drive season is from September 1st until April 30th. Most Japanese people are not aware of this annual ritual. The meat is distributed throughout Japan for consumption.

Heechul jessica dating. man she must getting lots of publicity for them be rumours please! I think that’s good news above all the bad rumors. to tell you the truth, she has great tastes in guys but the guys have bad tastes in girls.

This has created an uproar once again in Korea with the ruling taking effect from this week onwards. According to sources, the Commission of Youth Protection usually examines around songs every month to see if they are harmful or detrimental to youths in Korea. But this is the first time that their scope is targeted specifically towards popular mainstream singers in Korea right now. In the last month alone, songs were judged to be inappropriate with 32 of them Korean songs, setting a new record in the process.

The reason for banning Mirotic was the same as Rainism in that part of the lyrics were inappropriate. The ruling will come into effect from 4th December with the song being banned from playing on tv or radio before 10pm. The song lyrics will have to be modified if they are going to perform this during concerts or events. Action will be taken if any of the above are flouted. Industry critics feel that this will only heap more misery on the already suffering music industry.

DBSK for example are already done with promoting Mirotic and are actually in the midst of promoting their follow-up song Wrong Number. With album sales already exceeding , , it also means that most of their fans have already gotten the album already.

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And THEN you are hanging out in a car with the top down??? Either you’re dumb, or you wanted to get caught. And even after that, you are always next to the window?

Apparently so! It’s been revealed that TVXQ’s Yoochun shared a kiss with T-ara’s leader Eunjung for TVXQ’s drama Dating on Earth (지구에서 연애 중) back in Eunjung’s involvement with this drama marked her debut into the acting scene. Many fans were already aware that these two made appearances on the same drama after the subject arose last month; however, the specific.

Tuesday, August 24, Dating body language Ever since Hyori and Rain ‘hot’ but confusing chummy look, I’ve been into body language thingy. It’s kinda hard for us the fans to dig the real thing about them. In additional to my addiction to KPOP king and Queen rumors, Jerrella never fail to impress me with their unpredictable unspoken language. Ella always the upper hand when she is with Wu Chun but with Jerry, its vice versa and her feminine side seemed to overflow whenever he is with her. Lets check whether these unspoken language has been done by the Jerella or BiRi: He’s a great communicator — in and out of bed — and will be very sensitive and attentive to your needs.

When a guy is aroused, he will make contact with your lower back, sides, or thighs. When a man wants to be with you physically, he will invade your personal space. It differs for everyone, but generally speaking your physical space is anywhere within 2 feet around your body. A wide, toothy grin is actually very revealing.

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May 05,  · Fans are weeping over an incident that happened to TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki’s Xiah Junsu before their 4th Live Tour “The Secret Code” concert in Kobe, Japan on May 4th.

Hope this is a reliable news. But it could be an another rumor. Let us wait to hear from the members. Anyhow, here is the translation of this video. TVXQ who became the top artist in Asia had disagreement with their production which caused them to go through a hardship. Year for TVXQ was a difficult year for them.


There are things that most of us know about them already. For instance, we know that they advanced to Japan in as five members and that in , the band became a duo. Now, the two members, Yunho and Changmin, are celebrating their 10th year anniversary as Tohoshinki.

Oct 11,  · Anti-Fan Death is Real? She was targeted with extra intensity because she was rumored to be dating a rather popular member of a boy band. In the case of DBSK’s Yunho, the juice spiked with super-glue was given to him by an anti-fan disguised as one of the staff.

Link ke posting ini Okay, first of all. So, After searching on internet. I found some of infos. She is so lovely and cute. Look at her eyes, she has smiling eyes. I took this from yahoo answers. Tiffany was or maybe still ‘is’ hated because she tends to make a lot of mistakes regarding manners back then. Yes,she’d been in Korea long enough to understand it’s culture.

But,people tends to forget the fact that she lost her mom way too young.

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That is some great detective work. Might have been in poor taste. There is cultural difference but also there is personality. People like Jay Park and all of them are not the type to just sit around and let people mess with them. And honestly, you can see that they mess with these kids. Not every sunbae, manager, coordi noona is going to be nice.

Rumors about Korean’s Idol Group Super Junior member Hankyung are coming up that he is dating. Following his scandal with Chinese actress 우맹맹 (Woo Meng Meng), there is talk that Hankyung’s girlfriend is 유역비 (Yoo Yeokbi – Liu Yi Fei).

Posted on September 12, by karigotdafire Calm down! This was out of pure personal interest! Seriously, people like you are awesome! If there were to be a girl group. Hating on them just because they might spend some time with your idol? So Nyeo Shi Dae a. Though they were not the first girl group to form under SM, they gained haters due to the notice that they were close to fellow SM boy bands.

Though after their debut performance they also got a huge fanbase.

Dating on Earth (extended version) part 1/9 (Eng sub)

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